Safety Services

Safety at Work Singapore is an international partner of Saudi DAZ Company with a group of people passionate about Companies work culture with emphasis on SAFE WORK CULTURE. Our team will be driven by leadership, passion and inspiration. Moulding and guiding internal drivers to sustain the positive momentum within the organization. We have been engaged by some of the best companies in the world and have been flown in to deliver what seems to be impossible. Creating Real Breakthroughs and Real Solutions.


Assess-Listen and understand the current situation of the Company Analyze and evaluate-What is the prognosis of the company and the reason for it. Plan and recommend course of action(s). Recommend the relevant and feasible solutions to implement;

Training & Development

Facilitate improvement and upgrade existing skills of the employees. Creating good positive habits in order to sustain recommended implementations of solutions in the company. Ultimately creating a ripple effect, hence ensuring that the company’s culture is right.