Safety Policy

Safety Policy

We are committed to SAFETY, which we conceived with knowledge that potential may hazards confront the safety of personnel; equipment and environment. Necessary safety and preventive measure are to be practiced and implemented for planning, managing and conducting work. Saudi Daz Management is committed to the protection of our Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors and Client Personnelís, Products, Equipment, and even the general public at our work locations.

Every employee of the Company is being trained and shall make to understand the potential hazardous of the job and the requirement, precaution and procedure of controlling hazards. They are all trained in the use of respiratory protective system and equipment, protective clothing, use of the first aid in all equipment, emergency lifesaving exercises, firefighting equipment etc. We are conducting safety audit program annually, by selected members appointed directly by General Manager. The audit team will review the documentation to ensure that all the areas of the standard are covered and then provide the result of the review.

Moreover, Saudi Daz realized that SAFETY is the number one priority in a construction site. It is committed to operate in a safe environment, capable of protecting human resources and properties through the implementation of this plan.

Saudi Daz strategy to achieve safety operation is guided by the following:

  • Develop safety awareness
  • Minimize Safety hazards
  • Quick and adequate response in case of accidents.
  • Proper documentation and reporting